iCooking Slow Cooker App Reviews

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Love the app, love the recipes!

The recipes are easy to do and are delicious! Also, the interface is pleasant and user friendly.

Slow cooker recipes

I would love to use this app but it doesnt work very well with voice over. If this could be fixed that would be great!

Dont buy

Got this thinking there would be several recipes, but there are only about 10 per catagory not worth it

Great Recipes

Great hand picked recipes... not a lot of scrolling and searching!!

Not worth the money - Do not buy

50 recipes with the promise to only 10 per YEAR. There are other apps out there that have more recipes and are FREE!!


all i can say is this app is AMAZING! really easy to use! =) everyone should buy it NOW! you wont regret it...and its only 0.99, you cant beat that!

I loved it!

Loved it! Great format. Easy directions to follow. Looking forward to other apps from this company. Get it!

Terrific recipes

These recipies are delicious and the variety is amazing in one app. Fifty recipes for a crock pot (read: little work) for .99. Lets see, thats roughly 2 cents per recipe. Deal! I never knew you could cook desserts in a crock pot. Ive purchased two of these icooking apps so far and Im going to get more. I love the way the program is laid out with ingredients on one page and the directions on another. Makes it easy to shop and its easy to keep your place during the prep stage. Highly recommended.

Waste of money

Needs more recipes!!! Someone made this app then forgot all about it!!! Pls update. Some of the recipes has blank ingredients and directions. Whats up with that!!!


These recipes look very appetizing, I cant wait for the update with 25 more recipes.

Love it

I love slow cooker, and this is a great application with very appetizing recipes

Easy and Excellent

Recipes are clear and easy to follow. Although this was the first time I have tried "slow cooking," I already feel comfortable enough trying out a meal for my friends. I love the approach... the house smells great all day :)

From crock pot to jackpot!

I have to confess, I’ve never been a big slow cooker fan. I always labeled that kind of cuisine as “plain” and “boring”. Last Christmas, however, my mother in law offered me a nice fancy stainless steel slow cooker (crock-pot). I despicably gave it a place of honor on the pantry shelf and that was that. Living four states apart, I had no worries about her asking me how was it working. But with Thanksgiving trip to my in-laws coming closer, I began to experience a growing feeling of discomfort and guilt. I decided to give it a try but was clueless. Then I thought that since I’ve been largely pleased with other iCooking apps, why not try their Slow Cooker App? To my greatest surprise, the variety of recipes in this App ranges from the old classics, to the spicy exotic and even desert. I can’t resist trying one after the other. My prejudice about slow cooker food has been taken hostage by these rich, succulent and colorful recipes. What a surprise! I really didn’t see that coming!


I like slow cooking, so I had high hopes for this app, but it doesnt live up to them. I dont like it that if I exit the app and return, I start at the main page instead of in the recipe I was working on. The preparation instructions are minimal. Some items needed, like butter or oil, are left out of the recipe list. But, worst of all, ingredients are only loosely specified. For example: one onion (okay, but what size and what kind?); one large can of white beans (large can?). There have to be better apps than this.

iCooking Slow Cooker

Good recipes, but not many of them. Has an option to save recipes as favorites or add your own.


I always have my Slowcooker apps with me. The recipes are very good with everything what you need.

Horrible app

Dont waste ur time or $$ pics look disgusting and not that many to choose from. All recipes app is better

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